Happy Feet

Philosophy junior Emily Bennett's feet dangle as she soaks up the sun in her $15 kiddy pool from Wal-Mart in front of her house on Wednesday afternoon. "God, I fucking love Gainesville right now," she said.



I covered Dance Alive National Ballet for the Gainesville Magazine last Saturday and came up with some fairly interesting stuff...

Girls Gone Wild

Girls Gone Wild | Gainesville

Bball Portrait

The seven seniors of the P.K. Yonge high school men's basketball team will compete with their team in the Class 1A state semifinals.


Shadow fun

The shadow of dance performance senior Everlea Bryant’s leg moves beside her as she practices modern dance on the North Lawn with her Advanced Modern Dance class today. Professor Ken Tosti brought his class outside to enjoy the weather. “They’ve been spending a lot of time inside working with no windows,” Tosti said. “Since the weather turned so nice, we came outside for class."
Dance senior Natasha Lituchy covers her eyes from the warm sun with a scarf as she practices modern dance.


Tilling his plot of land, Xiangshen Li prepares to plant vegetables on the University of Florida campus on Monday, February 19, 2007. He is visiting from China for 6 months to teach courses at UF in Chinese.


Hearst Round 2

It turns out that I got 11th place for round 2 of the Hearst competition. Here is my entry...http://www.jou.ufl.edu/people/faculty/jfreeman/Hearst2007/ns-c.htm

A Sunday in Tokyo

For the past two weeks I traveled from South Korea to Japan, finding a mix between old and new... tradition and modernity...a clash between the east and west...

Every Sunday in Tokyo is like Halloween. All types of youth display the most colorful costume they can conceive.

And it all started with a traditional Japanese wedding.