Come on out and watch the parade

There was a parade marking the beginning of the Monroe County Fair today. The fair is a big deal for this town. People come from far and wide for the rides, animals, rodeo, derby, and other fantasmagoric stuff. So, there will be more to come.

Her skin is even purple.


The Plummers 9

I went over to get some audio of grandma today and grabbed this shot as I was leaving. I know you guys are probably tired of this story by now, but I am really going to miss this family. It's almost a relief to get over there at the end of a day. I'm really glad I got to develop that sort of relationship with this family where I feel welcome all the time and am not seen as just the photographer. And consequently, that's when the real moments and intimate shots come. So hang tight gang, the final product is soon to come, and you will be able to hear this wonderful Jamaican woman talk about life, death and everything in between.


The Plummers 8

The story is in its final stages now. We made an edit the other day at the office and it came together nicely. Now, they just have to work it into the paper. I'm going to work on audio tomorrow, so hopefully that will go down without a hitch. Here are a couple shots from last night.how cute.
Linn redid grandma's hair

Milton licks his finger after eating grandma's soup.



We went to this old time tavern last night for steak night. Basically, you give them $11 and they buy you a steak and make you cook it on their grill. Seems like a bad deal, but they give you all the fixin's to go with the steak. And they have a pool table.


The Plummers 7

I did some good ol' hanging out on the porch tonight. Things always seem to unfold as you sit out there and observe the world around you. Grandma was inspecting this boy. "Hey boy," she yelled, "Come over here."


The Plummers 6

I went over what I have of the story so far with my photog buddies and have started to find a tighter focus. It's still not entirely there yet, but I think I can round it out in the next two weeks before I high tail it out of here. I want to include more of the generational aspect of it and how grandma is more or less the protector of the bunch. She does what she can, but her age and strength don't let her have as much influence as she would otherwise. So I want to include more of the challenges that the kids/adults will and do face in their lives . I posted a lot, so please bear with me. I'm trying to wrap it up so all feedback is welcome. Some of the photos don't quite fit the story, but I thought they looked neat, so I included them. I'll number the photos for your ease. Also, some are quite subtle so give them more than a quick glance over (namely, 2, 7, 12, 13).

5. In this one, Linn is scolding Izayah after finding him playing on a port-o-potty that was burnt down the night before in a school yard across the street.
9. I think this one is more story telling than the next, but I love that expression.
10. This one is for Andrea

Where's the Action?

We have a minor league football team of sorts in Monroe, and I went out to shoot their first home game. It was alright, but as usual, other things caught my eye. I got the sports dudes to run this first one as the sports centerpiece. I'm pretty happy about that, I expected them to demand the action.

Oh Harry, You're So Dreamy

A local library had a countdown to the new Harry Potter book release Friday night. There was all sorts of whimsical nonsense going on. I can't believe how this book has a good portion of Western youth at it's magical fingertips. I don't trust it.This girl started reading it as she was waiting for her parents to pick her up.


Korea photos!

I finally got around to posting some photos from my South Korea trip last February. The thought didn't occur to me until today that I have actually had some free time this summer to do these sorts of things. So for all you who are on facebook, I posted them there. Japan photos are coming soon... Enjoy.


The Plummers 5: Layering Emotion

Kohl's friend, Sarah, came into town last weekend and when she was looking through my photos, she said I should try to layer emotion more. Just capturing one person showing some emotion is sometimes hard enough for me, but to compose a complex layered image where there is emotion throughout is even harder. So I guess this is my attempt so far. These images are all somewhat similar. Which works best?


The Plummers 4

I'm working on getting deeper into this story and trying to show grandma's personality. It will definitely take some more time, but here is what I got from tonight. Let me know what works and what doesn't.

Kids with guns...

And one in color cause it's pretty...


Freaks and Geeks

A Harry Potter festival took over downtown Monroe today with costume contests, Quiddich matches, and a viewing of the new movie. People came from far and wide for the occasion. So, I decided to have some fun with it and do some portraits.