The Plummers 6

I went over what I have of the story so far with my photog buddies and have started to find a tighter focus. It's still not entirely there yet, but I think I can round it out in the next two weeks before I high tail it out of here. I want to include more of the generational aspect of it and how grandma is more or less the protector of the bunch. She does what she can, but her age and strength don't let her have as much influence as she would otherwise. So I want to include more of the challenges that the kids/adults will and do face in their lives . I posted a lot, so please bear with me. I'm trying to wrap it up so all feedback is welcome. Some of the photos don't quite fit the story, but I thought they looked neat, so I included them. I'll number the photos for your ease. Also, some are quite subtle so give them more than a quick glance over (namely, 2, 7, 12, 13).

5. In this one, Linn is scolding Izayah after finding him playing on a port-o-potty that was burnt down the night before in a school yard across the street.
9. I think this one is more story telling than the next, but I love that expression.
10. This one is for Andrea


andrea said...

after i saw number 10, nothing else mattered.

timberly, you're doing amazing things. really. 2, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12. everything is faster much faster than granny at the moment you caught in 7. that's really cool. 2 and 12 are my favorite granny-sleeping-on-the-couch photos. i don't know how many of those you want in your final edit, but the series you caught while she was resting on that couch seems to be really telling, so its difficult to chose. its hard to tell also if something like 12 is more important than something like 9. 6 and 8 i think are also saying similar things, but they're both really good. and i really hope you keep 11 in your final. cause its great. things are literally layered in it. curtain-boy-house.

you should be proud. it really seems like you're doing their story justice :)

brYan said...

4 and 9 tell the same thing, and its the photo i've been waiting for. i think it will depend on layout which one should be used, 4 is more chaotic and 9 is more literal. my fav pic is #8. how else can you say bad influence. nicely done! the rest are incredible, but they just "fill" i can see anyone of those is a presentation ... but 4,9 and 8 tell me something i didn't already know.

Anonymous said...

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