In the 1870s

I like working on Saturdays. Rarely do I get a lame assignment. Today was an 1870s festival.

Some interesting faces...


Earth and Books

I like Earth Day. But waking up on Saturday morning to shoot the event at the museum isn't always the warmest cup of tea. The Spirit Dancers made it somewhat worth while though. I tried to make them look like spirits as much as possible...I think it works, but I'm sure it's too creative for The Sun.They'll probably go with the little kid shot...
The book sale circus...


Another protest

VT vigil

Morgan was cold...


I had the opportunity on Tuesday night to hang out with the "Gainesville elite." These guys are basically kids with rich parents that go out every week and spend sometimes thousands on bottle service and VIP status. At Boutiq nightclub, the idea is to see and be seen by the crowd. When these guys walked in, girls they didn't even know flocked some of them, somehow already knowing their status. An interesting lifestyle--but not quite my cup of tea...

Check out the Benjamins


Marvin goes Flash

Alejandra made a flash presentation out of my Marvin story. I think it's pretty spiffy...



V-tech shooting

Psychology junior Lauren Goodkind peeks around a pole to see the news of the Virginia Tech shootings on Monday afternoon. Students gathered around the television sets in the atrium of the journalism college to watch the shootings unfold.

Player of the year

A weekend in black and white

From the Flaming Lips to Southern Short Course...


Championship Sandwich

As the Gators won their second basketball championship title in two years, fans took to the streets. Experiencing this twice already, I knew the basic idea of what would happen would be the same, but the shots always seem to turn out different. Fans stepped it up a bit to give us something new.

This guy fell onto the concrete out of a palm tree after climbing it and trying to tear the leaves off.

Late into the night after the streets were cleared and I thought my job was done, someone struck a police officer with a car. They called out the homicide team for an investigation.