Christmas in Florida

On the West coast of Florida, we can still be comfortable wearing shorts and sandals. I'm soaking up the sun before heading up north after Christmas and my internship. I know I'm used to it, but I'll probably miss the beach and palm trees when I'm scraping ice off my car.



Here's a photo I should have posted a long time ago. This is from the last night on Andros Island. Using some free time on the beach with a strong wind and cameras, we "made" a couple of photos.

Legend has it that this is the ghost of Archie Forfar, the passed founder of the research station we stayed at for the week. We we're lucky to have him pose there this long with a starry, Nassau-lit backdrop.


Rubber Band Ball

After organizing most of the things I want to get rid of in the hallway outside of my door, I found my rubber band ball. With years of rotting rubber bands, I decided to take it to the street and bounce the age out of it. Upon a few bounces, it exploded, leaving rubber bands scattered across the asphalt road.



Yes, I haven't lived up to my promises once again. Excuses such as...my card reader broke...don't quite cut it. Anyways, I'll try keep up. I was unexpectedly offered an internship at The Deseret Morning News for the spring and decided to take it. I figured I'd be able to shoot for Hearst, build up my portfolio and keep from becoming sluggish...as I tend to do here in Gainesville. So, I'm in the middle of moving out of the house I've been in for the past three years that has grown to symbolize some sort of period of my life. I can't quite put my finger on it yet, but packing up my belongings (even though I will return for a semester to graduate) holds some sort of significance.

So, with my new snazzy card reader, I hope to publish more often...



Whenever I go to a conference like the one in Atlanta this weekend, I'm always inspired to get back out there and keep shooting. It's an extra little kick that every photographer needs every once in a while. So, hopefully, I'll be able to take the inspiration/skills learned there and continue producing. For a starter, I'm going to try to at least post a photo a day. Just to give me something to keep my thoughts and eyes on photography .