I hope everyone had a good holiday. I spent the week in Missouri with my family on a lake. Here's a slideshow I made on the airplane home - detailing our wacky adventures from mother-son beer pong to hat night.


Family Fun Day: The Sky is Falling

I didn't think that there was really such a thing as Family Fun Day. I always seemed like an American dream thought up for sitcom TV. But, to my surprise it actually exists! I was sent to cover it on Sunday and with a less than excited sigh, I biked over to the parking lot dotted with booths with games, food and family support information. It was one of those days where I was almost content shooting the generic equivalent to a face painting photo. I stuck it out for a while and came up with this one of a kid about to catch a football. I think it's interesting, but apparently the paper didn't and went with a less apocalyptic photo.


Catching Some Light

Every so often, when we have one of those random holidays off, UF hosts a free concert for us on campus. Last night, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish and Pepper played. I'm not sure that I've put my camera through that much dust and impact, but she came out stronger than before.


Get in my Belly

It got a good laugh at the paper, but would never see the light of print. A bit of social commentary...maybe. At least it was fresh (and delicious) view of the homecoming parade...

Happy Shooting

I sometimes find myself shooting dark pictures for the sake of shooting dark pictures. But on a beautiful fall day with a bright blue sky and temperatures in the mid 70s, how could I help but to look at the lighter things?


Underage and Undercover

I went out with the GPD Thursday night during a special operation. They got two underage girls to use to get into clubs and buy beer, then went in and arrested the bar tenders that sold it to them. It was quite an ordeal. One of the girls quit after the first sting due to a guilty conscious, so the other girl had to do it solo. I felt pretty bad for the bar tenders. The officers told me not to worry and to shoot as much as I wanted, but they didn't seem feel sorry for these people either. I guess that's the nature of their job. Regardless, it was hard for me to witness (and photograph) these people in their lowest moments.


The Fest

Last weekend, Gainesville was infiltrated by tight jean black shirt wearing, cigarette smoking, PBR drinking, tattoo covered scensters for the 6th Annual Fest. Over 180 bands came for the weekend and played at most the venues in town. I was assigned to cover a house party on Saturday morning, the second day of the Fest. It started at 11 a.m. When I got there, people were already swigging out of a Jager bottle and sumo wrestling with sleeping bags over their whole bodies. I have to admit, there are worse assignments...