Gospel Concert

Probably the most fun I've had at church...



Amira Sa'id, 29, of Orlando, dances during Puttin' on the Glitz in The Oaks Mall. The event was a fund raiser for Children's Home Society, an organization working the eliminate child abuse. There was catered food from more than 30 restaurants, a live band and a silent auction.

Final Four

Kevin Reilly, center, hugs James Basco as the final seconds of the Gator basketball game against Oregon wind down at the Swamp Restaurant.


March of Dimes

I had the wonderful opportunity to wake up at 6 a.m. on this Saturday morning to shoot the March of Dimes. It's a 8.6 mile walk around Northwest Gainesville to raise money for premature baby research. I didn't realize it was 8 miles until I asked someone part way through. I turned back to the starting point.


A generation of excess

I'm currently working on a story about college alcoholism and binge drinking.

The borders of how far we will go are being pushed as far as possible. The restrictions of the teenage years have been lifted, and a new sense of freedom brings college students out of their shell into a world of lost barriers, where students are surrounded by the urge to party. With alcohol as a social lubricant, emotions rage to the pumping of music, movement and streaming lights.

Last night, I set out to capture a piece of this at the appropriately named club, XS. This is what I found.


Anti-War March

There was an anti-war march to Tigert Hall, the administration building, today. I thought it was just going to be a couple hippies with signs like it usually is, but it turned out to be a whole lot of hippies with signs--and with a purpose. They tried to give a petition to Bernie Machen (thinking that he might for once actually be in his office, which he conveniently isn't during these things) to officially change any hint of a war-promoting administration. The secretary and director of the news bureau seemed pretty flustered (seeing that there were hundreds of students standing outside their office) and agreed to set up an appointment with the president at his convenience. Hopefully, it will actually happen.

Up and down

I had an assignment to take some photos of this pleasantvillesque town called Town of Tioga. Cookie-cutter houses and all, I walked through the town, finding these kids dunking on the basketball court. Things sometimes look better from below...or above...

I saw Mr. Welder on the way to my assignment this afternoon and couldn't resist. I love welding...



The New Orleans aquarium lost many fish after the power outages during the hurricane, but it's up and running with many colorful slimy creatures.

Quality Control

After taking this picture, I was told not to mess with the New Orleans police. Apparently, they'll take you to jail for no particular reason. I thought to myself, "Isn't that illegal?" It probably doesn't make a difference.


The French Quarter

The horns from a seven piece jazz band resonated down Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.
Seems like an effective way of advertising.

This character didn't seem to move much. I saw him in nearly the same place each day I was there.

These steps descended into the murky Mississippi River, a very nice place to sit at night. Fog floated over river and through the city on this night.

9th Ward

I spent the afternoon wandering the lower 9th ward in New Orleans. Practically a ghost town, the devestation still left from Katrina is more than obvious.


The Mind of Marvin

This is my final edit for my photo story for Kaplan's class. I spent a good three or four weeks with Marvin after my initial story fell through. He's such a charismatic guy that I doubt I'll be able to just write this story off. So, there should be more to come...

Although physically in a man’s body, Marvin Ray thinks and acts like a child. The 46-year-old developmentally disabled man moves through the day with the same routine and never gets tired of it. Those he meets each day on his journey will always remember his energetic quirks. People surrounding him will always love him, but he will always think to a different beat.Every Thursday, Marvin walks into the children's section of the library to pick out movies to watch in his apartment. He often rents the same movies each week and always rents the allowed maximum of eight.
On his 46th birthday, Marvin's mom makes a funny face after Marvin ate cake and opened presents from his mom and stepfather. Marvin told everybody he knew and those he didn’t know about his birthday all week.
At his favorite restaurant, an old-fashioned soda shop and pharmacy, Marvin catches a glance in a mirror.
Marvin waves to everyone he sees, even when they aren't looking.
Spending most of his time trying to talk with the younger girls at the restaurant's bar, Marvin catches the waitress’ attention.
Marvin loves the University of Florida Gators. Aside from owning all sorts of merchandise, he says "Go Gators" to almost everyone he meets.
Marvin watches young women talk to each other at a basketball game. Marvin says he has women troubles because they look at him all the time.
Elvis is Marvin's idol. Among his collection of Elvis memorabilia is an Elvis tapestry. He, as well as his friends, compares himself to The King every day.
Marvin smiles in front of his apartment. He lives with another mentally handicapped adult.
Marvin takes the 30-minute bus ride home from downtown Gainesville twice a week after visiting the library. He usually sits next to other people on the bus, but on this day, he sat alone.
Sitting on a bar stool, Marvin finishes his shake before going home. Despite his efforts to fit in, he still remains alone.