I've never been to LA before. POYi hosted the awards ceremony there this year, so I had the opportunity to go. It was a strange place to say the least. Most of the weekend was consumed by the amazing work, but on the last day we made it out to Venice beach.



I don't think I've every shot a photo of lightning...even though I did grow up in Tampa, the supposed lightning capital of the world.


train woes

It's that time of night when everyone is sitting around wondering if the train will ever arrive and take them safely home. But you better stay awake when it does come, because it sucks when you wake up two stops beyond home and have to play the waiting game once again.


This fire hydrant spraying water on a Brooklyn street actually does happen.


On the Road with Danny Wilcox Frazier

After wrapping up Driftless with Danny Wilcox Frazier, we team sat down with him for an interview, which I later produced. Watch it here.



I shot these last month as I was running around Coney Island during the mermaid parade with Bob Sacha's workshop team trying to track down the Furries for their story. I wish I could've spent all day there, but I was at least able to make a few frames in passing.



These are from a burlesque comedy show I went to with a friend a couple weeks ago...kind of weird.


MediaStorm Workshop

The MediaStorm workshop pieces are live. It was an intense and exhausting week but I enjoyed every second of it. Check out the two stories produced here:http://www.mediastorm.org/workshops_0006.htm

I shot and produced the Behind the Scenes piece. It was a challenge to get it done in the week. I followed each team around and did interviews with each person and the MediaStorm staff...11 total.

Check it out: