OMG! Free Commemorative Merchandise!

It's amazing how crazy people can go over a free t-shirt. Screaming, jumping fences, trampling your girlfriend--all for a free t-shirt that probably won't fit you.


Special Golfing

I shot some special olympics today. Their emotions seemed so pure--like they weren't trying to put on a show for me like some people do. I guess there's something that makes them, well, special.


A Biker and a Wolf

The Timberwolves, a sort of minor league football team, got their jerseys today, so I had the pleasure of shooting all their mugs. They're a crazy bunch.This girl is not at all a Timberwolf.

The Spirit of Dance

Here in Monroe, the usual ease of Soundslides does not exist. It's like a child-if you're nice to it and don't confuse it too much, it will not annoy you. But when you confuse the hell out of it by giving and taking things away from it, it will decide it doesn't understand what you are doing and will poo all over your face. So after about the sixth try, Bryan gave it some cookies and a glass of warm milk and it settled down a bit.


The Bigger Picture

Kohl figured out how to make the pictures bigger, with some help from Alex, so here we are...expect bigger pictures for now on.


Living History

I had a lot of fun with this one. I've been to one of these things before, but this one was much better and somewhat more authentic. They weren't charging admission or selling anything, so there weren't that many nonhistorical folk there. So they were all just there for the fun of it. I spent most my time hanging out with these kids who were playing war with these wooden guns. Sounds like child's play, but they were pretty serious about it.
Window Child 1790s style

The 100th post comes to you with a bit of saliva

Yeah, I did that thing...


Dancing, Guns and Jesus

Looks like I'm thinking in black and white tonight...


This is Dana. On the 9th, her stalker ex-boyfriend threw a brick through her sliding-glass door, entered her house and stabbed her current boyfriend 12 times, with three deep stabs around the heart. He then attempted to kidnap her, she got away and he stole her car and totaled it after wrapping around a telephone pole. She said the passenger side was entirely obliterated. So if he had got her into the car, she could be dead. Miraculously, her boyfriend survived the stabbing and had recovered very quickly. Unfortunately, he wants nothing to do with the press, so we have no access to the hospital. The floor of the kitchen was covered with blood after the stabbing. She said it was slippery as ice. Apparently, she would come home late, turn on her light and he would be standing in the kitchen. He would also crawl through her house late at night when she was sleeping. And he stole her digital camera apparently for drugs. But legally, she could only get so far, and he was seemed to get off without trouble. So this, in addition to a human suffering story, is a story about system failure.
This is the glass from the broken sliding-glass door. (It's a toy car)

All-Star Football

I shot the All-Star football game tonight. I guess it will be the only shot at Friday night football.



Based on the many large dragonfly-like bugs flying on and around me, I suppose the mayflies are out. This is a new phenomenon to me. I guess in mid-June they all hatch and fly around each other and rest on any available surface. It's annoying to some, but in Africa, they supposedly eat them. What a great solution.



I rode on the U.S. Brig Niagara for the day yesterday. When I got there, though, I realized how cool it would be to take audio. So, to my luck, a thunderstorm came through and the captain told us to go back to our cars for about 15 minutes so we wouldn't get soaked. So I ran back to the paper, picked up the audio stuff, and got back just in time.

It was definitely a unique experience. To see all those crew working together almost constantly to put up the many sails was like watching a machine work. It was pretty impressive. And to live on that ship for a while would definitely put you in a different world and mind set. So this is the best way I figured people who couldn't ride on the ship could experience it...



Boats, Crows and Shows

It seems like half the town went out for a tour of the big ship US Brig Niagara today. I must admit, it was pretty neat. But I'd still rather be watching Old Crow Medicine Show at Bonnaroo. Instead I went home after shooting this, ate a tuna sandwich and watched their entire set online. It was good, but it pales in comparison to being there in person.

Kiddie Pool

I was sent to shoot another relay for life. It seems like every small town around here has their own. This one was quite pathetic, taking up a small parking lot with about 20 people walking around in a circle. So I went for the kiddie shot. It's not the cleanest shot but I still liked the composition, and I got wet for it. So that must count for something. It also reminds me of my own kiddie pool. I can't wait to get some more use out of that at the end of the summer.


Window Child 2- East Side Style

I walked around the east side of town today and found this kid running around in his diaper, climbing in and out of the screenless door.

Big Ass Ship

I went on the roof of a power plant here to shoot this ship sailing into the port. It's going to be here for the weekend for all to ooo and ahh about. The cool part is that I get to ride on it on Monday and do some of my own oooing and ahhing.


America, the Beautiful

I went to a small town outside of Monroe this evening to a flag day concert. These people sure loved America. Flag waving, patriotic songs and hot dogs says it all.

I turned this one in as Still Life with this quote:

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." ~Maori Proverb

Mr. Baker

I was sent to portrait this guy today. He's a baker for one of the soup kitchens here, but he doesn't make bread in the summer typically. So, after we thought he wasn't going to be doing any baking, I showed up and he had baked some rolls just for me. He even let me take some delicious hot rolls home with me.

Sarah and Thom's Wedding

I finally got around to posting photos from the weekend wedding extravaganza on flickr. So you peeps can stop bugging me now...at least for a little while.



Jesus Pt. 2

I went to youth group tonight at their sweet church...red carpet and interesting lights. I actually shot some verticals too. Is she looking at me? Does it bother you?

Krantzin' it up.