Blog reaches 80,000 views

The Fear and Loathing blog by Noah and I has reached 80,000 views. It was linked by a couple sites, including Sportsshooter.com, digg.com and aphotoaday.org. I'm not sure where else it's come up.

Our coverage will continue in Minneapolis with Danny Ghitis and Christian Hansen


out west

peopleless and beautiful



...at a prep school in Denver for low-income Hispanic kids.


Bob Barr

I went to a libertarian party last Sunday. Bob Barr, their presidential candidate, was in town and made an appearance. These guys know how to party, hats and all (can you find the hat?--Waldo style). The host was also selling his home brew--a Honey Orange Hefe for $1000 a bottle. It was good, but not that good, but maybe it would be if I was a loaded libertarian.


fresh air

Every so often, I need to dump all this crap out of my head. I've spent so much time learning and assimilating so much into the way I shoot that I just need to forget. To let go of everything and just shoot the way I want. To not have to worry about deadlines and expectations. Standards and content. The pictures might be worthless, but at least it instills some new sense of freedom and rekindles that passion that I sometimes lose when photography starts to become work.



at a triathon



There was a pretty big grass fire near the city on Monday. It seemed tame at first, but then it spread rapidly, pushing its way to the edge of many neighborhoods. I ended up abandoning my car and running around the neighborhood following the fire.