I shot the welcome home ceremony for a green beret group that had been serving in Iraq for the past year. This is the first time I shot one of these homecoming gatherings.

warped tour


postcard - from your dear friends, tim hussin and noah rabinowitz


This is a piece on the atmosphere of the lower downtown Denver club scene following a fatal shooting last weekend. The extra space is not intentional...if anyone knows a good html code for embedding video files, let me know.



I shot two assignments today about electric car batteries, taking me to Kurt, who is in charge of a battery manufacturing business. -Centennial, CO-

a room


first day

I just wrapped up my first day at the Rocky Mountain News. It was mostly orientation, paper work, meeting people, etc. I went out on a shoot with one of the photographers in the afternoon. We went out to this club where a man was shot and killed a couple nights ago and harassed people as they crossed the street. It's going to be a good summer.


road trip

I just got back from a road trip with two of my friends, Dave and Will. We went north from Salt Lake City through the Grant Tetons and Yellowstone, then across to Missoula, Montana, to Seattle and Portland and the surrounding areas. We camped most of the time and stayed in hostels for the rest. This is a ridiculously loose untoned edit, but it was a long trip, with many stories. So feel free to not look at all 200+ images shot with the only gear I have -- Canon 20D and 50mm 1.4. I need to invest.

The blood is from a reckless and dangerous gamble between my friend and someone who decided randomly to boulder up a cliff, eventually knocking off a rock that hit Dave in the forehead. Luckily, he didn't loose an eye, teeth, etc.

I'm in Denver now, getting ready to start the internship here at the Rocky Mountain News tomorrow morning.


starting over

I'm done with my internship in Salt Lake City. I'm taking a short road trip through the northwest before starting at the Rocky Mountain News.

Here is my project I left the paper with. It's about a family recovering from a house fire. Here is the multimedia.