Little Secrets: Last DC Moments

Kenji, an awesome tech-saavy photo engineer at Nat Geo, let me borrow a Mamiya 7 during my last meetings at the DC offices. For a week I snapped photos here and there. On walks, with friends and around town. I hadn't shot film in a while, so there was something very liberating about using a new format. And if you look closely, you'll see that one of my stops before I left was the Nazi propaganda exhibit.


Little Secrets : On the Road '07

After finishing an internship at the Deseret News in 2007, I hopped in a car with two good friends and drove for weeks around the northwest. Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon. A friend, Kristin Murphy, let me borrow her Holga and gave me a ton of expired film. It was careless, free and beautiful.


America reCycled

I just launched a Kickstarter project to raise funds to develop a really great Web site for my upcoming bike tour across America with my brother. Check out what it's all about here:



Kids With Guns is featured on 7dot7 Digital Magazine under New Formats. Check it out, they are promoting some really great documentary projects: www.7dot7.net