Little Secrets: Last DC Moments

Kenji, an awesome tech-saavy photo engineer at Nat Geo, let me borrow a Mamiya 7 during my last meetings at the DC offices. For a week I snapped photos here and there. On walks, with friends and around town. I hadn't shot film in a while, so there was something very liberating about using a new format. And if you look closely, you'll see that one of my stops before I left was the Nazi propaganda exhibit.


I am Matthew Nager said...

I use the Mamiya 6 myself. they do make a great lens. Looking forward to your next adventure. Hope all is well.

Vanessa said...

13 is by far my favorite.

David said...

How do you get shots like 4 and 9?

Do you ask if the people would allow you to shoot them, or just go for it?