The Mind of Marvin

This is my final edit for my photo story for Kaplan's class. I spent a good three or four weeks with Marvin after my initial story fell through. He's such a charismatic guy that I doubt I'll be able to just write this story off. So, there should be more to come...

Although physically in a man’s body, Marvin Ray thinks and acts like a child. The 46-year-old developmentally disabled man moves through the day with the same routine and never gets tired of it. Those he meets each day on his journey will always remember his energetic quirks. People surrounding him will always love him, but he will always think to a different beat.Every Thursday, Marvin walks into the children's section of the library to pick out movies to watch in his apartment. He often rents the same movies each week and always rents the allowed maximum of eight.
On his 46th birthday, Marvin's mom makes a funny face after Marvin ate cake and opened presents from his mom and stepfather. Marvin told everybody he knew and those he didn’t know about his birthday all week.
At his favorite restaurant, an old-fashioned soda shop and pharmacy, Marvin catches a glance in a mirror.
Marvin waves to everyone he sees, even when they aren't looking.
Spending most of his time trying to talk with the younger girls at the restaurant's bar, Marvin catches the waitress’ attention.
Marvin loves the University of Florida Gators. Aside from owning all sorts of merchandise, he says "Go Gators" to almost everyone he meets.
Marvin watches young women talk to each other at a basketball game. Marvin says he has women troubles because they look at him all the time.
Elvis is Marvin's idol. Among his collection of Elvis memorabilia is an Elvis tapestry. He, as well as his friends, compares himself to The King every day.
Marvin smiles in front of his apartment. He lives with another mentally handicapped adult.
Marvin takes the 30-minute bus ride home from downtown Gainesville twice a week after visiting the library. He usually sits next to other people on the bus, but on this day, he sat alone.
Sitting on a bar stool, Marvin finishes his shake before going home. Despite his efforts to fit in, he still remains alone.


Tricia Coyne said...

Like the story a lot. Is this for the Kap-miester? How'd he like it?

Tim said...

Yep, this was for his class. He seemed to like it. He wasn't too happy about me leaving for two weeks to go to Asia, but I think I put his concerns to ease with the story.