Dancin' for Jesus

This is the start of a story I'm doing on the "Spirit Dancers." It's basically a free dance group that operates from fund raising. The only catch: you have to dance for Jesus. It's not one of those heartbreaking stories, but I think it has a lot of color and opportunity- a bunch of teenage girls with attitude. Let me know where you guys think this could go, and thoughs/suggestions/comments are helpful.

This girl sprained her ankle. Hardcore.


Carol said...

Personally, I would like to see a little dancing...methinks they rest more than they dance..

Luanne Dietz said...

I think your on to something here... I would almost like to see where they dance for Jesus at.. like somewhere out of the studio or something?!? I know your graphic eye, and I have no doubt you can work this story great.

brYan said...

this friggin ROCKS! - kimmer says "it rocks like the river raisin." which mean she likes it too. can't wait to see the final edit.

- Mr. Bosch