Driving through the snow at night to go to a basketball game

I shot a girls basketball game tonight. This photo reminded me of a photo I saw of Bryan's recently. His, of course, was cooler and actually ran in the paper in their photo column called Still Life. It also had a nice quote under it. I too am a fan of dead space and odd crops.
Tonight, I drove through snow for the first time. Feeling like your car is going to slide off the road at any second is not a good feeling. Having to follow the faint tire tracks left by the car ahead of you to make sure you stay on the road is not a good feeling. Having to drive 30 mph to an assignment that would normally be an hour away is not a good feeling. By at least I get to check off one more thing on my list of things to do before I die...and thankfully, it won't be the last thing I check off.


Jarrett Baker said...

Just remember two things. One, don't use your breaks, downshift. Two, if the rear end is fishtailing, turn into the direction of the fishtail. So if the back end is skidding to the left, turn to the left. Oh, and if you have a manual car, start in second from a stop.

You should have seen me driving in the snow in St. Louis with tires that didn't have any tread... I definitely know what you're talking about! But, I hope you're having fun and enjoying a real winter.

brYan said...

wild, empty space cropping RULES! we should start a club. sounds like you had one hell of a first day. I'd like to learn how to multi-task like you're new boss. my hero.

Vanessa said...

Although driving through snow may have aggravated your nerves, at least it spurred you to express yourself with wonderfully put together words and photos. Maybe, it's worth it.