From Florida to Utah: On the Road

I made the 37 hour trip to Salt Lake City over the past week or so, stopping in Kansas City to see my mother for New Years. After moving out of my house in Gainesville, I had to return all the camera gear after I left Palm Harbor that I had been borrowing from the school for the past year. All I own is a 20D , a 50mm and a flash. To my luck, the 50mm stopped focusing, so it was stuck on one distance. I had to shoot almost everything at f/22 to be sure that something was in focus, evidenced by my speckly spotty sensor. So here is my trip across the United States, mostly shot while driving. It was great to see the landscape and people change as I got further and further into the west. From flat, hot Florida to snow-covered spires jutting out of the earth. Last Florida sunset, Crystal Beach, Florida
Power line birds in morning, Palm Harbor, Florida
That big arch, St. Louis, Missouri
Wax man, Kansas City, Kansas
Snowman, Kansas City, Kansas
Drunkards, Kansas City, Kansas
The "Plaza", Kansas City
Setting sun, Colorado
Ice on my morning windshield, Boulder, Colorado
Fire-emitting plant, Wyoming
Smoke-emitting plant, Wyoming
Me with a backdrop of hay barrels, Wyoming............Photo by Vanessa
Somewhere, Wyoming
First sunset over mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah


Jarrett Baker said...

I hope you have an awesome experience. I miss the cold and snow from St. Louis! I enjoyed seeing all your pics from Michigan, and I'll be watching this space regularly this spring. Good luck!

Kris said...

I can't wait to hear all about your time there. I miss SLC a lot - give Ravell and Chuck and everyone my love. Post lots of photos, of course. :) Gainesville will miss you but Gainesville will be here (it never really changes anyways). Enjoy the snow and the mountains - they really are something. Beautiful pics from the trip out, by the way!

Jonathan said...

Colder than a witch's tit! I agree with kris that Gainesville never changes.. although there are moments of serendipity.

Yesterday I went to Steamers for lunch and started talking to some friendly strangers sitting on the benches outside. One girl's moderate insanity really clicked with me ... we talked of many things: life in Gainesville, marijuana, and the nature of Steamers' rather ambiguous menu.

So I asked her whereabouts she lived so that we could hang out soon.. brick house on NW 3rd ave, red door, imagine that. :)

Daavidk said...

the smoke-emitting plant is a bad ass photo

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture....
I like this blog....
thanks a lot...

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