protest video

I shot a video of this protest yesterday. Michael Brandy shot the stills. This is the second time I've put one of these together, but I've found it's pretty fun. It's not too great, but practice makes decent. (the shot above is a screen grab-hence the quality)

Let me know what you think. Watch it HERE


kim said...

Tim, I really like the style of this video - liked your cross procession, too. What kind of video equip. do you use?
thanx for the comment on my recent post - the foto page is new - we put it out every Tuesday - it's called "community InSite" - pretty much all enterprise work - different moments/events/scenes that reflect the day-to-day/culture of the community - things we aren't normally covering, or just everyday found moments - so far, so good!
love loking at your posts, as always - it's good inspiration!

andrea said...

i think its really well made, boy. the pace is good, you did great editing it. the shooting is steady and it still carries your style. nowadays it seems invaluable to be able to produce solid daily video pieces. props <3!

Anonymous said...

Really.. Great Hussin!!!
these are great to see....

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