Mika was sexually molested a couple years back by her science teacher. Only after other girls in her class felt threatened by him did she come out with it. She's still struggling from it and finds solace in writing. She decided to allow us to photograph and write about her as part of the healing process. I think she wanted to come to terms with it and feel comfortable and accepting of what happened. Here's an excerpt from one of her poems she showed us:
"In my dreams
That teacher didn't run his wrinkly hands down my back
He didn't have the chance to test my faith
I never stayed in that classroom
In my dreams"

Since I don't have a light kit of my own, I used one light we have available for check out. I made a makeshift snoot out of a Cheez-It box.


brYan said...

good improvisation McGiver! i like the light balanced with the window ... plus her body language, tells me there is story deep within her at first glance ... very moody

Marvin Halelamien said...

I like the mood of the lighting. Fits the story well. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Really.. Great Hussin!!!
these are great to see....

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