Kentucky. Swerving between the hollows of rolling mountains lush with saturated forests the nooks of American culture reveal themselves. Littered with opaque bottles and rusty cars of twisted metal, weaving vines engulf the past. The history of this place is strong in the people, but one must dig past strip malls and 4-lanes to find the inherent drive to remember and cherish the past. Just follow the winding road through creeks and hollows to the smallest branch and find the place of dying city centers--the core of the coal country. A people with insights simple and true. And families ready to care for a neighbor—a luxury that modern America sometimes neglects. It’s rural America. A long drawn-out sigh. Fresh air.

I just got back from Pikeville, Ky from the American Diversity Project. Little sleep and lots of shooting. Here's the link to the Web page: www.americandiversityproject.org It's not complete yet, but I think the stories, etc. will be up soon. I will post more in the coming days/weeks/whenever I feel like it.


J Rizzo said...

Effen awesome my friend.

Anonymous said...

Beat post Hussin....

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