moving on

I just finished up my internship at MediaStorm and am working on closing up this chapter and starting the next one in DC for the National Geographic internship. I'm ready to move on, but will definitely miss the relationships I've made here. I learned a lot in these past 5 months, things that have and will continue to inform my shooting and take my storytelling to a new level.

I stumbled upon this time lapse I shot a couple months ago and threw this together on my last day -- A Day in the Life of MediaStorm -- (music by Radiohead - Idioteque (butchered))


Emmanuel A. Gamor said...

All the best with National Geography. I'm a fan of your work, Prof Freeman continues to speak highly of your work.

eurohip said...

Dude your stuff is amazing; good luck with National Geographic. Keep up with the blog, I like checking up on it periodically.

Chris Detrick said...

Nice time lapse. Idioteque is a nice touch.

Rob Witzel Photography said...

You might just be the best I have ever seen or ever will. No matter what, your in the discussion.
Glad I had a chance to shed a little bit of influence in your early years. Truth is I knew it after your first assignment with us.

btw- Stay out of the wedding market. My kids need to eat!

Greg Linch said...

Ah, so that's what the MediaStorm offices look like. Nice.

Chen said...

omg you're busy like crazy,lol!